3rd Asia Pacific OutGames in Darwin

When is the OutGames in Darwin?

The 3rd Asia Pacific OutGames will run from 10 to 16 May 2014. You can find out more about the games here: www.darwinoutgames.com.au

Follow the OutGames on Facebook here.

What Bentstix teams are going?

Bentstix Hockey Club has three teams registered for the OutGames:

  • Bentstix Women’s Team (Code: Bentstix W)
  • Bentstix Men’s Team (Code: Bentstix M)
  • Bentstix Mixed Team (Code: BentstixXY)

What will it cost?

Registration for the 3rd Asia Pacific OutGames is $230. There will be additional costs for accommodation and flights.

How do I register?

Go to https://darwinoutgames.fusesport.com/registration/119/ and register under whichever team you wish to play for.

What will the uniform be?

Team uniforms will be Navy Blue with either rainbow or blue socks.

Where will Bentstix be staying?

We’re looking to book apartments for the week. We’ve got various options held at the moment pending numbers.