Bentstix Fee Assistance Fund

Bentstix Hockey Club is a successful hockey club that allows players to be open and proud of their sexuality while competing in competitions, helping to foster acceptance and understanding.

Bentstix recognises that hockey can sometimes be expensive. We understand that there are occasions when existing and potential club members may be engaged in tertiary study, be experiencing financial hardship, or be involved in unforeseen career change where cost can be a limiting factor in the ability to join in the fun and frivolity that is club hockey.

Over the last few years, the club has been working towards an assistance program to provide financially disadvantaged players with payment support so that they too can have the opportunity to pick up a stick and be a part of the club.

The Bentstix Fee Assistance Fund was established in 2014 as a way of enabling players who experience financial hardship to continue playing. Each year players experiencing financial hardship will be able to apply to the Executive Committee for support of up to $150 in fee assistance.

Any fee assistance provided by the club will be subject to the available funds. Fundraising activities will be undertaken each year to replenish the pool. Recipients are expected to participate in fundraising efforts.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to play this year, you can apply for fee assistance by contacting the Treasurer via [email protected]. All information will be treated as strictly confidential.
Please note, the deadline for fee assistance requests is 30 April each year.