Member Guidelines

In becoming a member of Bentstix Hockey Club, you commit to adhere to the following member guidelines –

  • To play fair, play by the rules and respect your teammates, the opposition, supporters and officials. For full guidelines to fair play, visit
  • RSVP promptly each week to your Team Captain’s request for player confirmation. Different teams use different methods for this process so make sure you know who to contact and when.
  • Attend 70%+ of games – as a team player you need to commit to playing every game that you can. Also, if you don’t play at least 70% of games you will be ineligible to play in the Finals. If you know you will not be able to attend games (i.e. due to shift work) then please contact us as there are still opportunities to join the club as a casual player.
  • Attend 70%+ of training sessions – our coaches work hard to develop your skills and help us play better as a team. Players who don’t attend training miss out on learning the skills and team strategies taught during training.
  • Pay your fees by the due date – As a player you are required to pay your fees on or before the due date.  As a small club we are unable to survive if even a few members do not pay their fees – as a result we have to operate a NO PAY – NO PLAY policy.  If for any reason you are unable to pay your fees on or before the due date, please contact the club Treasurer as soon as possible.

Member Protection Policy

The Member Protection Policy outlines how our club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making. It sets out how we as a club respond to harassment, bullying, discrimination and complaints.

Download here: Bentstix Member Protection Policy-2014-Oct

Codes of Behaviour

The Codes of Behaviour set out the club’s expectations of players, coaches and spectators.

Download here: Bentstix Codes of Behaviour-2014-Oct