Rules, Forms & Docs


Hockey NSW publishes Association and Club policies and guidelines across a range of matters. These policies and guideline are available on the Hockey NSW website:

Administration Policies

The  Administration Policies set out decisions that have been made by the Executive Committee  and may be amended from time to time by the Executive Committee.

Download here: Bentstix Administration Policies-2014-Oct

Member Protection Policy

The Member Protection Policy outlines how our club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making. It sets out how we as a club respond to harassment, bullying, discrimination and complaints.

Download here: Bentstix Member Protection Policy-2014-Oct

Codes of Behaviour

The Codes of Behaviour set out the club’s expectations of players, coaches and spectators.

Download here: Bentstix Codes of Behaviour-2014-Oct


All Hockey NSW players must pay a registration fee before taking the field. The registration covers insurance for players. Visit the Hockey NSW website for more information on insurance, including information on how to make a claim:

Hockey Rules

The Federation of International Hockey (FIH) is the governing body that sets the rules of the game. The official FIH Rulebook is published once every two years.

Download PDF:  FIH-Rules of Hockey 2012

If you’re wondering where to get the basics, FIH also publish Hockey 101:

You can find out more information on hockey rules and the Federation of International Hockey here: