Annual General Meeting

The Executive Committee encourages all members to attend the Annual General Meeting which will be held immediately before the Presentation Night at the Newmarket Hotel.

It’s a jammed packed exciting meeting with a proposal to change the name of the club and resolution to accept a newly drafted Constitution and associated policy documents.

We’ll also vote in the Executive Committee for the year ahead.

Hold onto your hockey sticks… here are all the details:


Download PDF: NOTICE Bentstix AGM


Saturday 1 November 2014


The Newmarket Hotel
Corner of Botany Rd & Gardeners Rd
Mascot NSW 2020


Nominations are now open for the following six positions to be held for a year:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary, Men’s Teams
  • Secretary, Women’s Teams
  • Treasurer, Financial Controller
  • Treasurer, Accounts

NB: One of the secretaries will act in the role of Public Officer and one of the treasurers will act in the role of Club Treasurer.

We encourage people to nominate by sending a completed Bentstix Executive Nomination Form 2014 to the Club Secretary email address. Nominations may also be received at the AGM.


Resolutions at the AGM

Draft Constitution

A new version of the Constitution has been drafted with the aim to simplify and shorten the version of the constitution circulated last year, to remove extraneous clauses that are better suited to bigger clubs and make the language accessible.

The Executive Committee welcomes all comments.

Bentstix Constitution-2014-Oct


Member Protection Policy

The Member Protection Policy outlines how our club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making. It sets out how we as a club respond to harassment, bullying, discrimination and complaints. The policy is based on a Play by the Rules policy template.

The Executive Committee welcomes all comments.

Bentstix Member Protection Policy-2014-Oct


Codes of Behaviour

The Codes of Behaviour set out the club’s expectations of players, coaches and spectators and are based on Hockey NSW’s codes of behaviours.

The Executive Committee welcomes all comments.

Bentstix Codes of Behaviour-2014-Oct


Administration Policies

The Executive Committee has spent considerable time this year debating policy decisions. These decisions have been captured in an Administration Policies document to assist future Executive Committees to maintain consistent decision-making year-on-year and reduce the need for every new Executive Committee to reinvent the wheel.

The Administration Policies are presented to members at this AGM for sense checking and may be amended from time to time by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee welcomes all comments.

Bentstix Administration Policies-2014-Oct


Change of Association Name

The official name of our club is “Bentstix Sydney Gay and Lesbian Hockey Club Incorporated”. The Executive Committee proposes that the association name be changed to “Bentstix Hockey Club Incorporated” to be more welcoming to the wider GLBTQI community.

Hockey Australia now welcomes and supports transgender players and the Executive Committee feels that our club name needs to be updated to be more reflective of our community.