Bye Bye Brodie, Come Back Soon!

The club took a collective gasp for air this week as we learned Bentstix President Brodie West is stepping down and heading to the apple isle to study full time. Such a loss for the club, but wonderful news for Brodie and we wish him the very best for the coming year.

We’re ‘devo’… But the good news is that Brodie’s departure is merely temporary! Brodie has promised to return to Sydney and Bentstix once he finishes his MBA at the end of the year. He will also continue to assist the Executive Committee with sponsorship proposals and press releases across the winter season from Hobart.

Brodie had a phenomenal year in 2013 coaching and captaining the division 7 team to Bentstix’s first ever premiership. His enthusiasm for hockey has been infectious on and off the field, his impact on club culture – immeasurable.

Brodie stepped into the role of Vice-President in 2013 and had an immediate impact raising the profile of the club. In 2013 Brodie secured a wealth of publicity for Bentstix Hockey Club’s men’s and women’s teams, including the cover of Star Observer. Brodie became Club President in November 2013 and quickly pulled together a productive and cohesive executive committee with a focus on growing the club on the back of a successful 2013 year.

Here’s a taste of what Brodie contributed to Bentstix. Bye bye Brodie, come back soon!

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