Nickname/Others might call me:

Damo – I don’t think ANYONE in Australia calls me Damian (3 syllables can be tough).

My gay character on TV is:


Post-game food – you will find me ordering:


My hockey experience:

Prior to joining Bentstix, I hadn’t played properly since leaving high-school; about 12 years.

 Best thing about being a Bentstix member?

Running around a field in tiny shorts chasing after a ball. With sticks.

I joined Bentstix because:

I wanted to challenge myself and perhaps meet some fun and interesting people.

My fav position (on the hockey field) is:

Currently i’m enjoying Right Half.

When I’m not on the hockey field I’m:

Photographing or filming something.

If life were a musical my theme song would be:

Jacqueline by Franz Ferdinand  (it’s always better on holiday)

I prepare for a game by:

Trying not to psych myself out with nerves.

If I was in drag for a night – my drag name and inspiration would be:

Alota Fagina.