My hockey experience:

Played back in the day when my parents had to drive me to sport and I wore a scrunchie in my hair.  I seemed to kick the ball a lot so thought I would try soccer for a few years but couldn’t keep away for long and rediscovered my love for hockey again in 2012 with Bentstix.

Best thing about being a Bentstix member:

Other Bentstix members!  What I mean is that the team is so positive and everyone supports each other no matter whether we are up by 5 or down by 9!  I have played sport all my life and I can honestly say I have never had so much fun playing sport or being part of a hockey team as I do now with Stix!  I love that we never give up but I also love that we always do our thing with a smile followed by a social outing.

My fav L word character is:

Bette all the way, although I am a bit partial to latter seasons Helena!

Post-game food – you will find me ordering:

Chicken Schnitty and a cider.

My fav position (on the hockey field) is:

Anywhere that let’s me get my hockey on.

When I’m not on the hockey field I’m:

At the physio trying to get back on the field.

If life were a musical my theme song would be:

Move in the right direction – Gossip

If I was in drag for a night – my drag name and inspiration would be:

Justin Beaver…probably don’t need to explain the inspiration behind that!