Indoor Teams

About Indoor hockey

Indoor field hockey is a quick and technical game. It is often an ideal game for field hockey players to develop vision on and off the ball, developing a better understanding of tactics and set plays.

A team consists of 6 players on the pitch, 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper (plus subs). The game is divided into 2 periods of 20 minutes.


The playing field is smaller than the outdoor pitch. Side-boards mark the sidelines, helping to keep the ball in the field and allowing players to play against it. Despite who hit it, when the ball goes over the endline the defensive team will receive a hit coming out. The pitch is made of wood or synthetic material.  The players may not hit the ball, but only push it or deflect it, and may not raise the ball except in the shooting circle, with the purpose of scoring a goal. The balls and the sticks are similar, but players prefer lighter sticks than for the outdoor game.

Playing with Bentstix

Bentstix plays in the Sydney Indoor Hockey Association League each year from February to April. There are both men, women and mixed competitions.