Nickname/Others might call me:

No nicknames that I know of…………a few people called me Matty, but not that many…………

My gay character on TV is:

I wish I could say heroic Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood or maybe near-perfect Ben Bruckner (Michael’s husband) from Queer as Folk or even cute and talented Blaine from Glee, but more likely David Fisher from Six Feet Under

Post-game food – you will find me ordering:

Anything & quickly – I am always starving after a game

My hockey experience:

I loved hockey at school, but it took me 18 years to pick up a stick again with Bentstix for summer comp and pink hockey, and another 8 years before I committed to playing the winter season!

Best thing about being a Bentstix member:

Good mix of people and fun to be part of a team.

I joined Bentstix because:

I wanted to do more exercise and being part of a team is motivating and fun.

My fav position (on the hockey field) is:

Anywhere on the forward line – this season I have been mostly Centre Forward, which I love! It would be good if I scored more goals though!

When I’m not on the hockey field I’m:

An architect who loves his partner, living in Sydney, travelling the world, art, eating & cooking good food, movies

If life were a musical my theme song would be:

“I’ve Gotta Be Me” by Sammy Davis Junior…… I love the line: I want to live, not merely survive

I prepare for a game by:

Trying not to stress too much

If I was in drag for a night – my drag name and inspiration would be:

I don’t do drag.