Playing Fees

2015 Winter Season

Cost: $445 + membership fee + HockeyNSW Registration Fee (approx. $120)

Goalie’s fees are discounted by $100 to reflect that we expect them to see less of the ball during games.

Winter players also pay their annual membership fee. Payment of fees can be made in instalments.

Casual Players

Cost: $30 per game

Bentstix Hockey Club prefers that players commit to the full season but also understand that some players may have sporadic availability due to other commitments and may wish to play casually.

Casual players must also:

  • Pay the annual membership fee ($40 for new players; $35 for returning players)
  • Pay a once off, up-front $80 fee for access to training sessions and to cover association fees
  • Be registered with Hockey NSW (approx. $120)

Coaches will endeavour to provide a fair amount of game time to casual players subject to team numbers, but will give preference to full fee players who can commit to the full season.

Casual players must have played at least 10 games to qualify for finals. A position on the team for finals is not guaranteed and preference is given to full fee paying players.

Casual players who play 9 games or more are no longer considered ‘casual’ and will be required to pay the full playing fee.

Training Only

Cost: $80 for the entire winter season (March thru August)

Training runs weekly from March through to the end of the winter season in August. For only $80 you can attend every training session.

To take advantage of the training-only option you will need to be a member of Bentstix Hockey Club. The membership fee is $40 for new members and $35 for existing members, payable annually.

This is a great option if:

  • You want to give hockey a go before committing to playing competitively
  • You play for another club on weekends but want to be part of our wonderful club too
  • You love to play hockey but work weekends or travel a lot
  • You want to play casually

A disclaimer about training-only: At times the coaches will want to run specific drills or plays for the Winter teams that may mean training-only players will need to sit some drills out.