President Emma, VP – you?

With Brodie’s departure to the apple isle, the Executive Committee has appointed Vice-President Emma Rogers to the casual vacancy of President until elections for the executive positions take place in November 2014.

The Executive Committee is confident that Emma’s appointment will provide continuity in leadership for the club and make sure we don’t skip a beat as we head into the 2014 Winter Season.¬†Emma joined the executive as Vice-President in November 2013 after being awarded joint Club Person of the Year in 2013 for her work re-vamping the Bentstix website. Emma has worked closely with Brodie on both the website re-vamp and as an active member of the Executive Committee over the past 4 months.

This leaves a casual vacancy for the position of Vice-President… We’re looking for a keen bean!

You don’t have to have a post-graduate degree in management or a list of wealthy benefactors lining up to donate wads of notes to the club – you just need to bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in to get things done. All financial members of the club are eligible to express their interest (ie, you must have paid your annual membership fee for 2014).

Is this you…? If it is, get in touch with Club Secretary Kara Seymour by email ([email protected]) or message Kara on Facebook.