President’s Report for 2012/13

It is with great pleasure that I present the President’s Report for 2012/13; what an amazing year it has turned out to be!

I would like to start by thanking last year’s President Anthony and his executive for handing the club over in such an exciting position, poised to take on the challenge of the year that lay ahead.

A massive thank you must be given to the current executive: Brodie, Lindsay and Claire. With their support (especially over the last few months) we have been able to achieve the goals we had set ourselves and the club. The risk we took at the beginning of the season to move away from a single club coach to three team coaches, combined with split training times, has been validated and the club has been greatly rewarded.

To our coaches Brodie, Chris, Peter and Gemma, I commend you. What a stellar job you have all done this year. Not only have you helped bring success to the club, you have helped make the new members of the club feel welcome and part of the team from their first training. You have also shown the players that hockey can be a fun game and it’s not always about winning. Bonding together as a team is the first step in achieving greatness. This is something the coaches have been able to achieve with overwhelming success this year.

Vice President Brodie’s enthusiasm and love of hockey has been infectious this year. Your ability to rally the troops to support whatever cause has been incredible.

Lindsay, our Treasurer, has once again toed the hard line in keeping the club financial and ensuring all players fees are up to date – not an enviable task.

The glue of the team has surely been Secretary Claire, who’s tireless hours of taking notes, sending emails and keeping us all on track has been amazing.

Special thanks should also be given to our umpires, in particular Leah, for giving up your time to umpire the matches, especially those very early matches on Sunday mornings.

Jo and Emma delivered a wonderful facelift to our website and it now looks fantastic and functional. The amount of time and effort that Emma has gone through, drawing information out of the executive and the players, to freshen up the Club’s on line appearance has been outstanding. Emma is deservedly a joint winner of the Club Persons Award with Claire.

We have successfully achieved our main priorities set at the beginning of the year, namely:

  1. Raise the Clubs Profile through various engagements and partnerships with other Community Organisations.
  2. Secure the Clubs first Premiership 
  3. Recruit a full complement of Coaching Staff 
  4. Defend our Champions Title at the 2013 World OutGames in Antwerp 
  5. Increase the number of umpires in the Club 

The increased turn out to the matches this year (in particular the finals and grand final matches) demonstrates how much we have grown, not just as a Club but as a close hockey family. There’s been singing, chanting and cheering with spectators feeling every part of the tension, as if they were there on the field with the players. The crowd at both grand finals was simply stunning.

The support shown to the Club this year by all players, their family and their friends, is something I am so proud to have been a part of. As a member of this Club now for 8 years, this has been by far my most challenging yet most enjoyable season.

To all the new members, thank you, not only have you joined a great Club, you have also become to be a part of an amazing GLBTIQ family that supports each other through both the ups and the downs, the wins and the losses, both on and off the field.

David Kyles





2012 Briars Mixed Summer Hockey 

  • Three teams (Wed Blue, Wed White, Thurs White)
  • Thurs White finished runner-up


2012/13 Ryde Summer Indoor Hockey 

  • Two teams (B grade and C Grade)
  • C grade made semi-finals (surprise win in elimination final)


2013 Pink Hockey Twilight Tournament 

  • Three teams (one team from Newcastle)
  • Team Darkness winners of the Tournament


2013 Eastern Districts Women’s Hockey Association 

  • One team (Division 4)
  • Minor Premiers
  • First finals campaign
  • Runner-up Premiers


2013 Sydney Hockey Association 

  • Returned to two Men’s teams (League 7 and League 8)
  • League 8
    • Successful year (one win, two draws and a stack of close near wins)
  • League 7
    • Minor Premiers
    • Premiers
    • 100 goals scored in a season


2013 World OutGames / Pink Hockey Championships 

  • Combined with players from Melbourne to form “Stix Down Under”
  • Undefeated throughout the Championships
  • World OutGames Champions and Pink Hockey World Champions