Others might call me:

The hover-captain.

My hockey experience:

I first played hockey for my local team, the Blue Demons, on the Sunshine Coast when I was a teenager. I really wanted to play a team sport, but didn’t know which one to choose. All the school sports seemed a bit tame…Netball – sucks, volleyball – my hand hurts, tennis – just boring, then we were given a stick (no shin pads or mouth guards) and told to go for it! I thought…I get to run with a stick, hit things, do slide tackles, get muddy and all with a bunch of girls…where do I sign up?? I carried on playing through Uni but life then took over and I didn’t pick up a stick for a few (slight understatement) years until I joined Bentstix in 2012.

The best thing about being a Bentstix member is:

The team spirit!  Whether you are new to the game or have been playing since you were 5 years old, everyone is encouraging and committed to doing their best. Our motto is “never giving up” and that is reflected week in week out on the field. Oh and we have lots and lots of fun… anyone for Palms after the game??

I joined Benstix because:

My wife badgered me into it. Although I don’t like to admit it, she was right, it has been so much fun. Since joining I could not imagine a winter weekend without a game of hockers.

When I am not on the hockey field I’m:

Surfing – I think I am Stephanie Gilmore, when I am more like one of those people in the greatest wipeouts You Tube clips.

Post-game food – you will find me ordering:

A chicken shnitty, XXXX gold and stealing hot chips off your plate.