Nickname/Others might call me:

I have been called in the past: tessanater.

My gay character on TV is:

My gay character would be Alex Vause from orange is the new black, as I have a wild side but also kind hearted.

Post-game food – you will find me ordering:


My hockey experience:

Started playing when my dad got me into it when I was 6, played for the Illawarra under 14 as goal keeper an full back.

Best thing about being a Bentstix member:

Best thing about being a member of Bentstix is the welcoming feeling you get from all the team mates and fun times during an after the matches.

I joined Bentstix because:

I’ve stopped an started though out the years, an have been missing it so finally got back this year after being away for 5 years – it’s a good feeling being back on the field. And to meet some lovely people.

If life were a musical my theme song would be:

Life is a highway by Tom Cochrane.