Nickname/Others might call me:

Yani/Pocket Rocket

My gay character on TV is:

I would like to say Carmen on the L word. She’s Latino, short and knows how to move… yew!

Post-game food – you will find me ordering:

Thai food noms.

My hockey experience:

Played for about 4 years during highschool and only now joined Bentstix in 2014.

Best thing about being a Bentstix member:

My lovely teammates

I joined Bentstix because:

I needed a social life and some cardio.

My fav position (on the hockey field) is:

Left/Right Inner

When I’m not on the hockey field I’m:

At home, yep pretty much at home.

I prepare for a game by:

Getting there 2 minutes prior

If I was in drag for a night – My drag name and inspiration would be:

Lola vonTease – In Argentina, Lolas is slang for boobs so… you get the picture.